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What Distinguishes Diversity Fertility Services?

Diversity Fertility Services is a fertility services organization that is located on the outskirts of New York City. Our program is designed specifically for the culturally diverse and exceptional Parent-To-Be and the Egg Donor that a Recipient may require.  We partner with Intended parents and IVF Centers throughout the USA and from all over the world to make the process of selecting a Donor as simplified and as stress free as possible. and throughout the USA 

Our organization embraces "true" diversity and has an intimate understanding of many traditions associated with the varied cultures and traditions that exist throughout the US, Europe, Asia and Africa
Our agency specializes in tailor-made recruitment and will specifically recruit and screen a Donor that fits your requirements. 

Targeted and Selective Recruitment of Egg Donors or Surrogates

This “Diversity beyond Diversity” mind-set and selective recruiting method allows our Intended Parents to be as selective as needed without compromising social, religious and traditional values in order to achieve their dream of parenthood. Our unique recruiting techniques combined with our understanding of the challenges that accompany infertility and profound respect for the traditions of global cultures, has enabled our organization to develop a large network of beautiful and college educated Donors that are of Asian, African and European ethnicity/race.  

Our large database of exceptional Donors located within the USA include Chinese (Han, Zhuang, Taiwanese), Japanese, Korean, 100% East Indian, Sri Lankan, Pakistani, Middle Eastern, Nigerian (Yoruba, Ibo, Hausa), Liberian, African American, Western and Eastern European cultures.

Why Select a Diversity Fertility Services Egg Donor or Surrogate?

Each Donor and Surrogate is hand-picked and screened according to US FDA regulations, ASRM Guidelines and the medical requirements of top IVF Clinics located throughout the USA. Our way of doing all we can to ensure
 we partner with fertile, compassionate and committed women.

Our Case Managers are committed to the confidentiality of our Intended Parents, Egg Donors and Surrogates and will coordinate every aspect of the process from recruitment through to retrieval and birth if surrogacy.   

We will guide you through programs and services in the following areas to ensure a clear and simplified process:
  • Egg Donation Services
  • Surrogacy (Gestational Carriers)
  • Egg Donor and Surrogate Mother Matching
  • Medication Instruction
  • IVF Referral Program

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